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Increase website rank—quickly! The SEO Network is a fast and effective way to add high-quality content with authority to any website. The network will address important ranking signals used to determine the authority and relevancy of a website.   This product, SEO Network, includes 5 targeted keywords. We’ve taken an algorithmic...
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Increase website rank—quickly!

The SEO Network is a fast and effective way to add high-quality content with authority to any website. The network will address important ranking signals used to determine the authority and relevancy of a website.  

This product, SEO Network, includes 5 targeted keywords.

We’ve taken an algorithmic approach to keeping pace with Google and developed a network that helps business owners build out existing websites and connect with each other. The network will get your clients the content they need to rank and authority inbound links from businesses in their category.

What happens after activation?

  1. The order form filled out upon purchase includes the selected keywords.
  2. If the keywords are inappropriate or too vague, the Relatable Marketing team will notify you. They reserve the right to edit keywords to be more localized for optimal results. For example, "Pizza Charlotte NC" instead of just "pizza".
  3. The Relatable Marketing development team installs the Network code on your website. This is required.
  4. The keywords will be live in the dashboard within 7 days of activation.
  5. Content will be created and live on your site within 21 days of activation.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is the WORK that goes into a website to get it on the first page of Google.

81% of consumers search online before buying. Purchases begin with search. Prospective buyers search online for helpful product information, price comparisons, and trustworthy reviews.Adweek

84% of clicks are organic.  Searchers skip advertisements and click on organic search results to find what they’re looking for.


In the early days of Google it was possible to reach the 1st page very quickly.  But Google is smart and doesn’t let people cheat their way to the top anymore.  Effective SEO takes time.  You have to truly earn trust from Google.  If someone has promised you 1st page rankings in a very short time, they’re either not being honest or their SEO methods are not on the up-and-up.

Doing SEO the right way also builds equity in your website.  While pay-per-click and AdWord campaigns can get results, that traffic stops as soon as your ads expire.  With SEO you own that relevancy and trust that has been built with Google and it provides long-lasting results.


There are 2 main factors that determine the cost of SEO.

Market Competitiveness: Larger markets (bigger cities) have a larger population, which means more people searching.  SEO in smaller markets is generally cheaper than in larger markets.

Industry Competitiveness: Larger markets (bigger cities) have more businesses in the same industries, so there is more direct competition for search rankings.  SEO in crowded industries are generally more expensive than niche industries.

Most small businesses have been faced with 2 choices in SEO services.

1.Specialty agencies that charge over $100/hour for SEO work without proving tangible results.

2.Or bottom-dollar, low-quality SEO providers that outsource their work to other countries.

We’re changing that by offering effective, customized SEO plans that are tailored to each individual customer.

All of our SEO work is calculated at an hourly rate well below this industry average and all of our work is done right here in the U.S.

How does this work?  All of the SEO tasks we perform are assigned an hourly value. For example, Website Bookmarking may take 1 hour, while a Custom Blog Post may take 6 hours.  The number of hours that you dedicate to SEO each month determines the number of SEO activities we can perform.

Regardless of your budget, we focus on the keywords and SEO activities that will have the greatest impact on your search results.

Case Study - EZ Plumbing


The key to our quality and affordable SEO is our in-house technology, Launchpad.  Our system shows and tells our SEO experts exactly what needs to be done at every phase of an SEO campaign. This allows us to perform all SEO work in an assembly line manner, which keeps quality and efficiency high while keeping costs low.


Launchpad also allows for complete transparency into every action being performed for our clients.  You get access to your own dashboard where you can track where every SEO dollar is going for both onsite and offsite work, as well as the results it provides.


How does the SEO Network code work?

The network code and file gets installed on your website. This is a quick and simple process that is required for optimal results—we just need access to your website, simply enter the FTP and/or admin login credentials through the SEO panel and let us handle the technical work. Conversely, you can install the code your own site.

Then, we create new content for each keyword which gets published through the network file. Links are built pointing in from targeted categorically relevant businesses and reviewed by a human. This combination of content and references improves domain authority and search engine rankings.

What are links?

Links are references from one webpage to another. When clicked, a link will take you to the target URL in your browser. From a search engine point-of-view, links are like votes. When you get a link from a personal blog, it’s like a vote for whichever page the link points to. Overall, the more relevant linking pages, the better.

What makes this different from other SEO programs?

Without a doubt, the transparency! Most SEO companies work hard to hide their work, leaving your clients questioning what’s been done. Relatable Marketing, we provide you and your clients with a dashboard where everything is clearly recorded—every link that's been built, every piece of content written and the rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you want to cancel?

Upon cancellation:

  • All content will be removed.
  • All links will be removed or set to no follow (will not pass link authority).
  • The plug-in remains on the site, unless manually removed.
How does Relatable Marketing know enough about each business to write quality articles?

We have been doing it for years! We research each company, industry, product or services to get a comprehensive understanding before publishing any content. Taking a know-it-all approach usually does not create the best content. A good article has the ability to target an audience who may or may not know anything about the service or product.

When can you expect results?

As with any SEO program, this depends on several factors. Faster results can be achieved by selecting region specific keywords. Typically, we will produce movement in the first 30 days and most customers will see first page results in 60-120 days from the start date. With that said, many customers have seen first page results in the first 30 days while others have had to wait six months for first page rankings for extremely competitive keywords.

Is there a demo dashboard to view?

Yes! Go to https://seopanel.imagehosting.space/where the login is demo@user.com and the password is demouser

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