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Create content for Instagram, Youtube, Blog, Linkedin, FB!

We will be responsible for creating multimedia content across marketing and client channels.

Ability to use a variety of digital tools and tactics to create and track engaging cross-platform content that will inspire people to take action.

Creating engaging content about your campaigns that will work across platforms – everything from rapid response videos, graphics, blogs, and social media.

Supporting the daily scheduling of content and distribution of your content. 

We are highly collaborative and cross-functional, with a special focus on turning complex information into simple, accessible and compelling interactive content.

✅ Develop data-driven campaign strategy

✅ Manage social media communications

✅ Create and implement content calendars

✅ Create on-brand digital content for social channels and advertising.

✅ Cultivate sales leads from digital media

✅ Manage campaign analytics reporting

How to use Content Creation:

We take your library of content, graphics, photos, videos and make it into snack-able content for social media and other platforms!


We have strong photo editing and graphic design experience.
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Strategic thinking and analytical skills
Ability to multitask and meet tight deadlines

     ● Create written, visual and video content that tells your story and amplifies your value proposition to our target audience. We are the author and storyteller.
     ● Coordinate and project manage all content production and scheduling.
     ● Analyze content marketing effectiveness using metrics and analytics, using data to shape and suggest future content ideas and creatives.
     ● Focus on engaging prospects / customers throughout their journey and steer engagement and touch points using content creatives.
     ● Focus on driving web traffic, social media audience engagement and User Community engagement that translates to product adoption and brand awareness
     ● Disseminate creatives across web, social, user community and other channels with a focus on excellence, SEO/SEM best practices

     ●Support overall content development by creating high quality and in-depth content
     ● Conduct quality check for content as an auditor.
     ● Curate content from relevant industry leaders and share across social media channels
     ● Build unique assets for video, short-form social, and articles for publication across our channels.
     ● Develop best practice content/design techniques for social campaigns and extend content across traditional platforms like event and print collateral
     ● Collaborate with cross-functional leaders on content needs for various audiences and subscribers, while also helping grow and nurture our user community

We work great with teams!