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What is Hands On Guidance? 

Think of it as IT support, without the IT. We know there are those in their current roles that need a helping hand. Here are some examples of our most common guidance calls:

"I just need to pick your brain for a project we are working on." (Marketing)

"What's the best way to post on social media." (Social Media)

"I'm interested in starting a Podcast but don't know how to start." (Podcast)

"I handle our company's digital marketing & have questions since we have limited resources & budgets. What's the best foot forward?" (Digital Marketing)

"We're looking to spend $5k a month on ads but we want to make sure we do it right and where we should place them." (Ad spend)

"How can we close deals faster?" (Sales)

"We want to build a bigger & better pipeline. Should we do it in house or outsource? And what would make the most sense based on our internal teams." (Lead Generation)

"I have ideas for content but I'm not the best at writing or videos. What's the best way to develop content and use it?" (Content)

These are just some examples. We help internal individuals within their roles to help them & guide them, answer questions and give guidance. With our expertise and outside eye, we help individuals answer the questions, give them ideas, How To's and simply bounce ideas off us for optimal success. 

And it's easy to do. 

Simply select the area you have a question (don't worry if you don't select the right one - Marketing/Digital Marketing) we will uncover that in the call. 

Add to cart and purchase. 

Once purchased, one of our experts will send you an email with instructions & coordinating the call. 

And that's it! You're all set!