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Podcasting is a great way to reach an audience through an on demand medium.

Audio podcasts have the advantage of being easy to consume, and they make great companions while commuting, exercising, or getting work done. Video podcasts are also an option. These are great for shows that have tutorials, lessons, and screenshots. They also make it possible to connect on a deeper level with visuals.

Film and Record your Podcast in our studio in Wauwatosa, WI!

(if you are not local (Milwaukee, WI) please contact us to see how we can help!)

This Package Includes:

✅ Filming your podcast and breaking it into mirco-content.

  1. Film and Record Podcast at our studio
  2. Edit the podcast and push out audio version for blog post on website.
  3. Edit video version long form push out to blog post on website.
  4. Edit video mirco-content for social media posts
  5. Review engagement and promote podcasts to groups and community.

✅ Guest Services

We conduct guest research as well as prep the guest for the show. This includes planning the episode content, coordinating guest scheduling and guest follow-up. Your time is valuable, don't spend it in the weeds. 

✅ Production (Audio and Video)

We handle every element of editing your show. Mixing intros, outros, commercials, music bumpers, Mixing down to -16 LUFS audio standard, vocal balancing, vocal compression, noise reduction, Show Notes/Blog. We film for long form to mirco content.

✅ Podcast Distribution

Getting your show into the right directories is an important step to discover-ability. We submit your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other mayor directories. 

✅ Transcription

Having a transcript of your show is a great way to provide additional content and to also improve search-ability online.

We produce great quality podcast that you can apply directly to your business or department.

Benefits of Video Podcasts

Video podcasts make it much easier to communicate visual subjects. Video podcast are also more engaging and relatable. People like being able to look at someone while they are talking and gauge their emotions. It’s also easier to put links in your videos or have on screen aids with additional information. Videos also make your podcast website more user friendly.

Video Podcasts and YouTube

There are hosting, SEO, and search benefits to having your podcast on YouTube. You can host your podcast for free on YouTube and eliminate podcast hosting. If you do this and still want to submit your podcast to iTunes, you will need to use the YouTube channel to create a feed.

If you just want to enjoy the SEO and search benefits of being on YouTube, you can use podcast hosting like Castos and upload your video files there. Then you can let the RSS feed in iTunes update like it normally would, and use Castos Republishing to push your content out to YouTube automatically.

The SEO advantages of using YouTube are two fold.

First, many people just go to YouTube and search for a term. Already being there gives you an advantage of being found.

Second, Google not only likes YouTube, they own it. YouTube videos often rank high in the search engines and outrank other sources. There are also tons of available methods to optimize YouTube videos for additional SEO benefits.

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